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Thread: Arena Size Question

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    That sounds fine for a non spinner arena. The BW champs arena was roughly that area, about 1m high 6mm polycarb walls and roof with 4mm steel floor plates I seem to recall.
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    What thickness is the Plexiglass? It wouldnt need too much to keep 200rpm bots in check bearing in mind 6mm polycarb has withstood robots of 16k rpm up. I would like to say that for full combat arenas 6mm polycarb is no longer advisable for new builds 8mm+ being prefered as beetles are getting scary powerful.

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    If you are making the arena from new polycarb, it is also worth putting a 1mm or 2mm inner sheet of ploycarb inside, so that when the bots do scratch up the inside, you could get away with just removing the inner sheet and replacing that, rather than replacing the thicker material sheet each time.It would save a fortune for future cost.

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    suggest a 3mm steel kick plate, even a lower power spinners can take bites out the poly and it will make it last longer
    Quote Originally Posted by firefly1 View Post
    for new builds 8mm+ being prefered as beetles are getting scary powerful.
    Thanks all!

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