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Thread: Devo 7e DSM(2/X) Issues

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    I was thinking of getting a Devo 7e as a backup and to allow me and the team to practice driving against each other (when we hypothetically build some antweights). However, there's a statement on the Nuts and Bots site that

    "... it appears there may be an issue with newer Devo 7e’s and their firmware that are preventing them properly running with DSMX gear. Currently this can be seen in either a refusal to bind to receivers in either DSMX or DSM2 mode or a successful bind but control is not functional."

    Anyone have any idea how prevalent this is, as in, does it affect every single unit, or the odd one? According to N&B there's no known fix, but I can't find any other reference to this as a general issue on the Deviation forums or indeed any other RC forums.

    I don't want to buy something that's going to be a useless brick, but equally if this was a problem with all new units I'd expect there to be a bit more noise. If it only affects the odd one I'll probably just pick buy one and cross my fingers...

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    Cheers for the link... I was too slow this time sadly, but there's no rush. I'm not too worried given the lack of other claims, but then I'd see N&B as a respected source on such matters which makes me a bit twitchy...

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    For a bit of a quick reference it isn't a massively widespread issue. So far it's cropped up a bit but hasn't broken into the 10's for ones I know about. It is however a risk, I have the disclaimer as at the end of the day I'm not going to recommend a controller I do not trust to work fully especially when you basically have little recourse if it does die as we are modifying it.

    The ones that suffer this still work with DSM2 gear, it's just something in DSMX that is causing issue.

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    Ah OK, if it only affects DSMX I should be fine - because of Reasons I have just picked up a couple of DSM2 receivers anyway, so in the absolute worst case it'll still work with them. Thanks for the info, much appreciated!

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