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Thread: Post battle analysis and repair

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    Looking forward to it! Should be good to see you and everyone again at the next one, I was a little bit ill last time right before my train (not the rona), so fingers crossed this time it'll be alright! The Team Death bots - the Piece De Resistance FW especially struck me as lovely to control as it glides across the arena happily. What roster are you bringing next time?

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    Hi Theo

    Great to hear from you again.

    I always have high hopes before an event-the Robots seem to work so well before receiving a

    bashing but that's the game I guess.

    I shall be bringing Project Fear/driller Queen and driller Queen Extreme.

    Rather than add another post here's the pictures of Driller Queen Extreme before

    it gets a bashing.

    Last edited by team death; 6th August 2021 at 20:36. Reason: add pictures

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    After my latest Robodojo excursive I have decided to address my Achilles heal on all my Robots-

    namely the slipping clutches, yes I never did the grub screw hack to lock them in place!.

    So after a poor showing with Robots not showing their full potential I have decided to do the

    hack which will not be easy as I have welded axles into the drill chucks which are still attached.

    This will also reduce the weight of the Robots as each chuck weighs around 300 grams.

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    If you can still unscrew the gearbox frim the motor half, you can remove the gears and thread the holes from the inside of the gearbox to then put the m5 grub screws in.
    Just leave them shy of surface by 2mm that should be enough to lock the gearbox.
    That's how you can get around your welded shafts.

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    Thanks Nat I will see which method is best tomorrow and hope to get every Bot done.

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    Well it only took 25 years but at long last team Death achieved a podium finish at a event (Robodojo) I got 3rd place in the Sportsman featherweight with Danger UXB and you might say I got lucky but I put it down to focus and I'm feeling pretty pleased.

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    Ocracoke's Avatar
    Team Kaizen

    Congratulations! Persistence pays off, eh? :P
    Team Kaizen - Build Diary for all the robots

    AW: Amai, Ikari, Lafiel, Osu, Ramu
    BW: Shu!, The Honey Badger
    FW: Azriel
    MW: Jibril, Kaizen

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