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Thread: Post battle analysis and repair

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    Team Death entered the October Robodojo with three robots and was semi successful.

    Danger UXB won two fights but I was unhappy with its drivability and it was quite sluggish

    and very noisy as like squeaky chalk on a blackboard which irritated some roboteers.

    I use drills in their original form-complete with cases and discovered that the Hammer setting

    had slipped on one drill and was causing the squeak and also the wheel spindle shaft had bent

    and was causing drag on the other wheel so I corrected both these faults today.

    I know that when this Robot works perfect it should spin fast so hopefully next evet should be

    even better.

    Piece de resistance was sluggish and both wheels came loose on their shafts, the springs

    on the lifter helped with lifting up to a point but I did not have the drive power to do anything

    with the lifted apponent so I will move the lifter closer to the front, remove the springs

    and add better drive motors.

    Project Fear-this Robot was great fun to drive and the hammer/fork worked well, it only

    Won one fight against Harald 2 but because they had beat me twice before I was pleased

    This robot was a bit twitchy at the end and I don't know why as yet.

    DSCN0325.jpg DSCN0326.jpgDSCN0328.jpg

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    Glad the horrible noise had a reasonably benign explanation! It sounded a bit like the hole drive system was shredding itself.

    Look forward to seeing the terrible trio in December!

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    Upon closer inspection it appears the sprocket on the drive motor of Danger UXB was

    probably meshing against the wheel sprocket causing the horrible noise so you were right Sam.

    When I first built the Robot, both sprockets ran very close together around 8 mm of clearance

    and are connected by chain.

    I have now added a couple of links of chain and managed to move the motor further back so

    the clearance is closer to 30 mm between sprockets and is so much better.

    Next up.....Piece de resistance.

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    Piece De Resistance

    I have done a major re work on this Robot this week. changing all the sprockets

    and chain drive system to the drill direct drive through the gearboxes which I

    achieved by welding a stub axle directly onto where the drill chuck would be

    and this is a tried and tested method which I use on Project Fear too.

    Originally when I made this Robot I built the Bodywork before adding the

    inner workings and found I couldn't have the motors side by side because

    of width restrictions so I had to run one motor outside the bodywork with

    a chain going inside to the wheel.

    I'm using the same floor plan so the wheels slightly stick out of the body work

    so hence the large mudguards made from fibreglass moulded from plant pots .

    The lifting arm and head of the Robot is also moved forward with the idea that

    there will be less strain on the lifter in the same way trying to lift an heavy

    object on a short stick is easier than a long stick.


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