Team Death entered the October Robodojo with three robots and was semi successful.

Danger UXB won two fights but I was unhappy with its drivability and it was quite sluggish

and very noisy as like squeaky chalk on a blackboard which irritated some roboteers.

I use drills in their original form-complete with cases and discovered that the Hammer setting

had slipped on one drill and was causing the squeak and also the wheel spindle shaft had bent

and was causing drag on the other wheel so I corrected both these faults today.

I know that when this Robot works perfect it should spin fast so hopefully next evet should be

even better.

Piece de resistance was sluggish and both wheels came loose on their shafts, the springs

on the lifter helped with lifting up to a point but I did not have the drive power to do anything

with the lifted apponent so I will move the lifter closer to the front, remove the springs

and add better drive motors.

Project Fear-this Robot was great fun to drive and the hammer/fork worked well, it only

Won one fight against Harald 2 but because they had beat me twice before I was pleased

This robot was a bit twitchy at the end and I don't know why as yet.

DSCN0325.jpg DSCN0326.jpgDSCN0328.jpg