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Thread: Post battle analysis and repair

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    Hi Adam
    Thank you for the information on the cytron, I will take a look at the ESC at the weekend, I think when the fan
    dropped into the housing and at least one wire came off, it must have been touching the circuit board and caused
    weird effects towards the end of the fight, to be honest I didn't try turning off my controller-this may or may not
    caused the robot to fail safe but I had limited control as it was.

    Good luck with your Robot Adam, I won't be there on the 26th, I don't think I could do another weekend wearing
    a mask in boiling temperatures and fixing burnt out motors quite so soon after.
    Can't wait to see Alex's video-there were some classic battles.

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    Cheap Fans !-I had call to change a drill motor cog today which I havent done before and only observed
    others having a go.
    I'm sure there is a special tool for doing this but I muddled through with somes wedge shaped snips to ease
    the cog up until it got quite stiff and then I heard a crunch!.
    Eventually I got the cog off with the aid of two washers and two screwdriver levers but needed to ivestigate the crunch
    so a total strip down was required.+-
    It turns ot the motor fan on these motors are glued onto the stator magnets and are quite easily dislodged-like
    probably in battle and are pitiful in design terms, anyway nowt to do but glue it back in place after cog was fitted
    and see how long it lasts-I have had a few burnt out motors in competition and I'm just wondering how many
    were due to the fan coming loose and clogging up the motor and making it work too hard.
    DSCN0372.jpgOh there's a glimpse of my next Robot in the picture-very early stages.
    Talking of fans and motors-I'm finding it hard to get hold of like for like ESC cooling fans for my Cytron 60
    so if anyone has a complete esc for spares I would be interested.

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    I have not ha a fan break off during battle, and even when Wanna Chopper made its high powered leap into the rafters, so i believe they could sustain alot of knocks. What did fail in that launch - wish i had a G force meter fitted, was the brass lever that hols the carbon brush onto the stator? had snapped. so fan i think is fine.
    I may put a call out asking for broken gearboxes from drills as im working on some things atm that could use these.

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    Meet the latest edition to Team Death's Robot Family-..Arfur Bald Tyre,a Robot incorperating
    Half of a Bald tyre with a two prong attack weapon for impalling and lifting the enemy.
    Picture-Project Fear makes friends with Arfur

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    Ocracoke's Avatar
    Team Kaizen

    Looks good, well done. Guessing a pair of drills for the drive and and linear actuator for the jaw?
    Team Kaizen - Build Diary for all the robots

    AW: Amai, Ikari, Lafiel, Osu, Ramu
    BW: Shu!, The Honey Badger
    FW: Azriel
    MW: Jibril, Kaizen

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    Looks a great addition to the growing Team Death squadron of bots!

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    Thankyou Lucy and Adam, the lifter is hand winch converted to drill powered-it's the same design
    I use in project fear to power the hammer.
    I'm a big believer in making robots with interchangeable parts so with a slackening of a exhaust clamp
    the drive motors would fit 90% of my other bots which is good if you are running 3 or more Robots at
    an event.

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    Another Robodojo event completed and post battle analysis....
    Big" Thank you" to Ian/Alex/Keith and all concerned for putting on the event using common
    sense to keep roboteers safe from covid and Ian only needed to rebuke one roboteer a couple of
    times for encroaching into the forbidden zone ( other roboteer work space) he was really on the
    ball regarding virus protection.

    I took 3 robots to the September events with the intention of running 2 with Danger UXB as a
    Project fear and Driller Queen were to be in the competition but when numbers of robots were
    uneven Ian asked me to run Danger UXB too.
    Project fear suffered second round wheel failure and was retired early with no points.

    Danger UXB is going from strength to strength-winning it's first battle within 30 seconds and
    having some noticeable battles with Championship Leaders Amnesia and Lunatic 2 and then
    a freebie win against Hells Angel due to absenteeism-eventually UXB suffered another burnt
    out motor (at the same side) very curious but I may have found the reason.

    Driller Queen improved remarkably since it's last event despite a wheel unscrewing in early
    rounds and the drill falling off it managed to beat Mecha sombre (another high ranking robot)
    and vettles vengence on judges decisions.

    Repairs-I have welded the drill on Driller queen so it can't fall off .

    The constant burn out of motors at one side of Danger UXB may have been due to one motor
    running faster than the other so I have changed the motor and made sure it runs at a close
    speed to the other.

    Here's a pic of Driller QueenDSCN0393.jpg
    Last edited by team death; 30th September 2020 at 20:05.

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    Driller Queen reminds me of that 24 hour (or similar?) beetle we rigged up. Similar frontage and weapon.

    It's good to see that despite everything going on, Dojo is still going strong. Hopefully I can get to one relatively soon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redirect Left View Post
    Driller Queen reminds me of that 24 hour (or similar?) beetle we rigged up. Similar frontage and weapon.

    It's good to see that despite everything going on, Dojo is still going strong. Hopefully I can get to one relatively soon!
    Hi Adam-Yes Driller Queen looks a lot like Thunder bug but as Mecha Sombre found out it's
    slightly more destructive and I intend to run it on 24 volts next time-HDPE robots beware ! .

    One interesting point I forgot to mention-the cytron speed controller in Danger UXB still
    performed perfectly despite having the fan missing due to been bashed out in the July
    Last edited by team death; 2nd October 2020 at 16:09.

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