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Thread: Team Riptide big ol' retirement sale

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    Will be adding more stuff as and when I finish cleaning the shed out, just want rid of most of it now though. Will be able to discount stuff for quick payments if people are interested. Postage additional on everything unless you want to pick up from the South of Yorkshire.

    Rotomax 1.6

    Used in testing, never in anger - comes with I think all the original parts. Would be £120 new, offers welcome.

    SK8 VESC (Minus heat shrink)

    Same again, testing only, I think they're around 70 new so again, offers.

    D2 Robot Kit

    2018 beetleweight championship runner up, Royal Fail. Clearly needs a bit of work, but otherwise would happily still post very good results in competition with good driving ability.

    Comes with: 4 Kitbots motors, Chassis, Wedge and spare fixings. Happy to include suitable sized foam wheels, speed control, battery, RX etc at additional cost if required. Offers welcome.

    Flatpack Chassis (X2, Featherweight)

    Can get further pictures on request, have both the original and second Flatpack Chassis minus wedges too. Both robots can be seen here in their 'complete' form but all I have for sale are the core chassis for each.



    Both would make very good starting points for either sportsman or full combat, the original Flatpack is 5mm steel, with the second being 4mm titanium if memory serves.

    -still for sale from the last thread-

    Eric's wheelchair motors X2 £60/pair - I have literally no idea on the specs of these things, they're fairly torquey and reasonably speedy, run really smooth and have attached gearboxes plus v belted pulleys (can happily throw in the wheel side ones of these too for the right offer) but they'll definitely work in a heavy, probably be even better suited in a middleweight though. I ran these on Tz85s in Eric and when they had traction worked great. Also a genuine piece of 1999 robot history too if that floats your boat.

    Some of Hatchet 3 £shipping/free if you want to collect it

    Decent basis for an axe or vertical spinner', all 20mm hdpe. Has seen better days but still someone might find use for it

    original hardwired 2 chassis £20

    bricky 20mm square, been used as a safety cradle since 2014 but it's absolutely still reasonable enough to make a solid starter chassis. Just add drills.

    Overdrive chassis panels - £50~

    Also Random Axe of Kindness, all bits of 4mm hardox and again would be solid on various types of robot really.

    ---more to be added soon---
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