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Thread: Tango - Heavyweight Combat Robot

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    4WD Heavyweight combat robot, currently in rammer form but comes with lifter bits & pieces included. Has fought in multiple Extreme Robots and Robots Live! events.

    Package includes:
    - Main Chassis (Hardox, Stanless Steel & Aluminium) 6mm all over
    - 4x 24v 450w Drive Motors w/ Gearbox
    - 4x 10inch wheels
    - SmartDrive Duo 60A ESC
    - Turnigy Multistar 10,000mAh 6s Li-Po battery
    - Sack Trolley


    Parts for lifter form:
    - Lifter Frame
    - Hardox & Aluminium top panels
    - Hardox Front Panels & locking bar pieces
    - 24v Wheelchair motor
    - Unused sprockets, bearing blocks & chain


    - Rights to the name
    - Light up Display sign w/ Power Supply
    - SD card with originals graphic files


    Robot & content is now OPEN to offers, available for pick up after the last show of Extreme Robots in Cheltenham.

    Selling all this to make a fresh new build for next year. Watch this space!

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    Just an update, robot availability has been extended. Will discuss more when the event schedules for 2020 have been released.

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    The robot will be available after the Extreme Robots event in Cheltenham, November 2020.

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