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Thread: Project fear

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    Project Fear....My latest featherweight Robot is nearly ready for combat and will make it's debut at Robodojo with Piece de Resistance and Danger UXB for company.Specs: Hammer Blow with fork after lifter Composite lightweight body Scrimex
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    Team Kaizen

    Looks good though I wonder if the armour will be sufficient? Time will tell I guess.
    Team Kaizen - Build Diary for all the robots

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    Who needs armour with a face like that!

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    I will be entering it in the sportsman rounds firstly and only really worried about Pressure point
    regarding the armour but time will tell.
    Sean-it's retro-I never do anything else !,if I don't find the bits in my shed I don't build it.

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    I agree with Sean. Definite Arenas of Destruction vibes. I love it!

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    Now I see what you mean-here's MY First Bot for comparisonMyFirstBotAOD.jpg

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    Just finished Project fear and a re vamp of piece de resistance and Danger UXB, so

    now I can relax until next weeks Robodojo.

    I have added a spring aid to piece de resistance which makes the lifting strength twice

    as strong a before....If you can imagine lifting a sack of potatoes on the end of a stick

    ..that's what it was struggling with before, I could have moved the lifter closer to the

    front of the Robot but I felt it wouldn't be Piece de resistance if I did that so I have

    compromised with a spring aid.

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    Both looking marvellous, be grand to see them in the metal on Sunday!

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