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Thread: Devo 7e no power

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    Ok... I'm at a loss atm...

    Since cooking my NanoTwoV3 a while back my Devo 7e has sat unused, now I have a new receiver and I've come to binding.

    Im almost sure the battery was unplugged for the whole storage, I've replaced the batteries, reconnected the battery plug, aaaaand… nothing.

    I've had the meter on the battery plug and have 6.15v volts (I don't think these are new, but they are unused) so they aren't flat, as far as I can tell.

    Anyone have any experience with this? Has it died while in storage?

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    check the terminals if the battery was plugged in, and there may be corrosion on the tabs/pins. See if you can get on them with fine sand paper/ IPA cleaning fluid to make sure the connection isnt bad.

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    Good shout! I’ll see if I can give everything a good clean when I get back from work, cheers for the reply my dude.

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    I’ve managed to clean everything, what a pita that was!

    plugged it in, hit the switch... POWAAAAHH!! Then death again, looks like the connection inside is the culprit, with a wiggle I can get it to come on, so into the case the we go

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    It’s the power switch, give it a wiggle and it lights up like new... at least it’s a cheap fix, I’ll live with it for now and replace the switch after Botfest.

    Thanks for the help roboteernat, I wouldn’t have found the first loose connection without it, owe you a coffee!

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    Glad you got it sorted Perhaps a coffee at an event from the kettle

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