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Thread: Build Log - Bread Dead Redemption (FW) - First Build.

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    If you need some custom motor mounts for those Aldi motors, I’m happy to assist with that. I sell the mounts for Argos and black decker motors too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Manuva27 View Post
    Good to know, cheers! I'll get some polycarb and aim to attach it to the base to avoid any catch points for potential spinners.

    Gradually getting the hang of CAD. It doesn't look massively glamorous, but it tells me all I need to know so far.

    Attachment 9139
    Attachment 9140
    Attachment 9141

    I now know what size panels I need to cut from this, so that will be the next step. I've also discovered that the thickness of the base panel may not give enough ground clearance with the wheels that I have. They are quite hard plastic anyway, so attaching some bits of rubber tire could help give extra grip and ground clearance.
    Good work. Even a very basic CAD model is really useful I find, just to see how things will roughly fit together and how big various bits need to be. I don't think I could make anything other than boxes without CAD.

    Starting off with hard wheels/low ground clearance is a good bet, you can always try it out and add the bike tyre afterwards!

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    Team Kaizen

    I've also got my LEDs for power light and decoration. I've gone for orange, so it will look like it is toasting while in battle (although I am concerned it may be against the rules as it may look like the robot is constantly on fire? I could always go with red if needed, they weren't exactly expensive).
    Orange is fine. The FRA rules specifically state that it has to be a solid, contrasting colour to the rest of the robot (rule 6.4).

    Aside from that, I'm trying to get my head around LiPo batteries and what I require. I've seen that 3S is quite common for 2WD on the Argos motors, but with my motors being 20V, I'm not sure if that still applies?
    LiPo cells are 3.7v nominal, so 3*3.7 = 11.1v. If your motors are rated for 20V, I'd recommend 5 or 6S (18.5 or 22.2v) LiPo in that case but I would think would still move with 3S, just be underpowered in that case.
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    AW: Amai, Ikari, Lafiel, Osu, Ramu
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    Team Kaizen

    In my experience, RC Hobby ESCs (such as the "320A" types you see floating about on eBay) that tend to not be very robust. The Honey Badger 1.0 used to use them for both it's weapon and drive and it was forever blowing them up on 12V 1.2aH SLA batteries. I really should rebuild that one day.

    That being said, they can work in Beetleweights (The Honey Badger 4.0 uses them) so I guess it depends on the load through them and what application they are being used for.
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    Team Kaizen - Build Diary for all the robots

    AW: Amai, Ikari, Lafiel, Osu, Ramu
    BW: Shu!, The Honey Badger
    FW: Azriel
    MW: Jibril, Kaizen

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    So it has been a few weeks, but the work has not stopped! I hope everyone had a great time at Robodojo on Sunday, I definitely wished I was there.

    After a relaxing holiday in Center Parcs last week, I found myself with 4 days off to do nothing but work on the robot. Perhaps you may want to put the kettle on, this could be a long one, we have a lot to catch up!


    A few bits sorted before I went away. I bought some 12v Argos drills and ordered some motor mounts from RoboteerNat. Also, having seen that some events require a "Team Shirt", I got on Spreadshirt and started designing a jacket. I'm really pleased with how it turned out :




    Plan for Saturday was to strip down and modify the drill motors and see if everything fits on the HDPE baseplate I measured out. Unfortunately this was scuppered by the drill chuck, with the reverse thread screws not budging no matter how much I tried. I wasn't too happy with the situation. After sending the below photo to my Dad, he offered to lend me his impact driver.


    Determined not to let a day be ruined by a single screw, I grabbed the cutting table and a hacksaw and set to work cutting the HDPE panels outside, as the weather was lovely. Due to a lack of space in the garage, we still hadn't mounted the bandsaw. After about an hour, my Mum's boyfriend Roger came to see how I was getting on.
    "Isn't it a bit of a waste doing this by hand if you have a bandsaw?" he questions. "Do you really think we will find enough space in there to mount a bandsaw before the start of December?" I reply, gesturing broadly to the bulging garage.

    What resulted from that conversation is probably one of the most absurd and potentially dangerous contraptions that Rog and I have ever rigged up, much to the horror of my Mum:


    Portable Bandsaw! With the bandsaw securely mounted to the cutting table, it made short work of the rest of the panels. Time to see if my CAD designs and measurements were accurate!


    Oh, heck.

    Not so much slightly out, more like miles away. With the light fading, I had two options. Either be sensible, pack up and go inside, or make a rough estimate of how much to cut it further and just go for it. Naturally, I went for option 2.


    RESULT! A tad rough around the edges, but it all fits! Pleased with my progress, I packed up for the day.


    Sunday progress delayed due to collecting the impact driver, which made short work of the screws in the drill chucks. One of the 3 drills I had dismantled no problem. The other two were a different story. Unscrewing the clutch changer on both drills released the spring, pushing the chuck up and releasing the ball bearings underneath, jamming them both.

    I grabbed a hacksaw and started slicing away at one of them to try and free the ball bearings. The result was no different, any twists to the chuck just turned the drill shaft. We were back to this again:


    After attempting several different tactics, I wedged an M8 bolt in to the drill chuck and attached the impact driver to try and shock it free. No luck. The final straw came when I lodged a screwdriver in the gearbox to try and lock it, but just shredded the gears and ruined the gearbox. Oh well.

    Lesson learned: When dismantling a drill, remove the chuck first.


    Fresh start on Monday. Attempted the M8 bolt in the chuck/impact driver tactic with the third drill that I hadn't butchered with a hacksaw. Success! The ball bearings flew everywhere, but I wasn't bothered by this point, just relieved. I locked the clutch off on both drills with grub screws and fitted the mounts. Ready for use!



    Today consisted of a trip to Halfords to buy a bike tyre and some safety glasses. From the information that Nat gave me about the mounts, it would give me precisely 0mm of ground clearance with 100mm wheels and a 20mm base. The bike tyre should give extra grip and clearance from the arena floor.

    I cut the polycarbonate on the bandsaw for the front and back panels and then set about marking up the layout of the internals on the HDPE baseplate.


    With a LiPo battery still to add, It's going to be cozy in there!

    Final action of the day was to mark up the wheel holes and line up the motors for mounting to the base.


    Now all I need to do is get my hands on a jigsaw to cut the wheel holes, then I can start putting the finished robot together! It's all getting very exciting.
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    Team Kaizen

    Looks like good progress so far. I don't think it'll be that cozy though, Azriel is pretty tight in there for the moment with 2x batteries, a block of ESCs and still need to fit in an axe mechanism, all in a 270x270mm space :P Your photo looks pretty spacey but if it does become a problem, think vertically maybe?

    When do you plan to debut this?
    Team Kaizen - Build Diary for all the robots

    AW: Amai, Ikari, Lafiel, Osu, Ramu
    BW: Shu!, The Honey Badger
    FW: Azriel
    MW: Jibril, Kaizen

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    First and foremost: that jacket... is. Ace.

    Secondly: that’s a lot of progress, making me look lazy, looking good too, I second Lucy’s suggestion of going vertically, something like a mezzanine floor can add tons of space.

    Third: that rear tyre looks interesting (and similar wear to mine, lots of motorway?)... yours?

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