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Thread: 3rd November - BBB Halloween Bodgebots & Ants Build and Fight Day! - Bristol Bot Buil

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    Bristol Bot Builders return to the New Bristol Brewery for more robot fighting, everyone is welcome to compete or spectate.
    Spooking your bots is encouraged.
    We fight robots for a laugh, typically with a pint in a pub so we consider BBB events to be 'pub robotics'
    Facebook event:

    10:30-14:30 bot build session at Bristol Hackspace, BS3 4EA
    15:30-20:00 bot fights at New Bristol Brewery, BS2 9HH

    500g 'spooky' Bodgebots Rules & guide:
    150g Antweight Rules:

    Facebook group:

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    This is this Sunday, come get involved!
    We've built a brand new bodgebots arena with some really daft hazards, here's a sneak peek:

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    Looks amazing! I must come to one of these sometime. Sadly not going to be able to make this one. Have fun!

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    Thanks! You should, we go for fun social focussed events for these, and the bonus of it being a great brewery if you like beer

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    Please tell me that is a toilet seat pit?!
    Jamie McHarg
    RogueTwo Robots

    With great power, comes great reliability.

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    Might be

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    It's one of those new-fangled arena hazards...


    Ok I'll get me coat.

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    The fog of war should be craig vaping at the side of the arena

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    Also quick reminder maybe a notice or somthing saying to not stand on the arena like last time (unless youve sturdified it!)

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    I'm bringing a smoke machine

    Thanks! Very much sturdied and will be raised up a bit this time hopefully

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