We're really excited for tomorrow! Here's some useful info:

where and when we're at:
Bristol Hackspace 10.30-14.30
New Bristol Brewery 15.30-20.00

If you've not been to one of our events, the Hackspace session is for fixing up or bodging robots, there's soldering irons and hot glue a plenty.

The format at New Bristol Brewery will probably be:
- 2v2 non spinner ants
- bodgebots XL comp & gladiator
- 1v1 full combat ants
- then a few whiteboards/boss fights
It's typically one robot per person per tournament, and signup for each tournament will be just before we start fighting!

The brewery is great as it has (most importantly) a bar, a stage for the arenas and a big shed for pits.
We just ask you try and stay aware of if you're fights coming up, if you're on the fight after next we'll have your bots 'on the pallet' next to the arena, so if you hear '*my name* on the pallet', get your robot to there or let us know straight away if you're still repairing and we'll try to reorder.

we'll be asking for a £5 donation during the event (we have a snazzy card machine) this covers costs of running these events - particularly the arenas, the Bodgebots one is brand new!

hope this all helps! Any questions please ask, on the day look out for us in BBB crew shirts.
Below is the entrance to the Hackspace on Philips street, which isnt always obvious: