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Thread: Flatfish Build Diary - FW

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    Hello everyone,

    Just a quick introduction, my name is Robert Shalders aka Robo Rob and this build diary will cover the progress of Flatfish from 1.0 to 2 and a bit. I will find the old pictures of the 1st attempt but for now will cover the improvements from Flatfish 2.

    Flatfish 1.0 design goals were to have a low to the ground invertible robot with a geared down motor powering a front scoop/lifter. It partially succeeded, having decent drive and a weapon that couldn't quite lift enough weight to cope with other featherweight robots. So for Flatfish 2 the plan was to convert it into a ram/wedge. Flatfish 1.0 only featured in Robots Live Stevenage 2018.

    Flatfish 2.0 was an improvement on the first one, with caster wheels on the front and a solid wedge. However, this version had drive issues as the wheels were not moving that freely on the chassis which was overloading the motors! Not only that, the steel wedge on the front bent inwards in combat which negated the caster wheels at the front. So back to the drawing board for correcting the design.

    Flatfish 2 and a bit has now got proper washers on the drive shafts to locate the wheels in a better place, as well as fresh orange Banebots wheels with a harder wearing compound. The front wedge is shaped to prevent the steel deforming as it is now fully supported by the HDPE wedgelets.

    The next event planned is Robots Live Stevenage 2019 and after that onto Extreme Robots in 2020.

    More updates and older pictures to follow!
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    Team Kaizen

    Looks good, what is the specification of Flatfish 2 and a bit?
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    Nice! The stickers/fish scales decoration is a genius idea. Look forward to seeing more!

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    That fuse may be a weak point being shaken about in battle, this could save you a teeny bit of weight replacing it with the bladed fuses too

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    They do them, maybe this distributor has what you’re looking for, although they only seem to have limited sizes

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