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Thread: FRA Featherweight Championship 2019

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    We are delighted to announce that Robodojo and KB Technologies are hosting the 2019 FRA Featherweight championships.

    These will be held on the 24/25/26th August at KB Technologies Units 4 and 6, Lancaster close, Sherburn in Elmet LS25 6NS.

    Signups are available here:

    Closing date for entries Midnight Friday 16th August

    Places are limited to 48, but there will be no selection process, rather place allocation will be determined strictly on the order of receipt of the £40 entry fee. Entries to the main competition are restricted to 2 robots per team with the 2nd robots participation in the main competition dependent on the number of entries from other teams; please see the document linked below.

    The tournament will abide by the current FRA rule set for Featherweight robots and judging will follow the 2019 revised guidance.

    The tournament format and additional details are available here:

    Prize money: There will be cash prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed robots of £250, £150 and £100 respectively for robots in the main competition. We hope to be able to announce additional prizes to accompany other special awards in the near future.

    Important notice.
    Because of the short amount of time available to organise this championship it relies on the completion of the tenancy process for KB Technologies new business unit. This is scheduled to complete hopefully by August 9th. If there is any delay to this timetable it may force the cancellation of the event. Therefore we would urge roboteers to allow for this possibility when booking any accommodation. In this eventuality all entry fees would be refunded.

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    Unfortunately i wont be able to compete with my own robot as i have already started builds on robots in other weight classes. When Insomnia was cancelled i decided to use the money on some of the other championships this year, then build the new FW over the winter. Id either have to abandon my current builds, or have a massive rush and over reach myself - neither i want to do, so im going to sit this one out

    If anyone has a spare robot theyd be happy for me to use, or otherwise want to test out then im happy to work with someone in their team and help them run something - otherwise ill offer Alex and Ian help in running the event
    My 3 loves - Rugby, Racing, and Robotics.

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    10 days till sign ups close
    My 3 loves - Rugby, Racing, and Robotics.

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    For anybody interested the champs are being streamed here.

    P.S. Thanks Gareth, I appreciate it.
    Team Phyte

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    Here's a link to footage of the Featherweight championships 2019

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