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Thread: The Mean Machine Revamp

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    Doom and a time when Corona virus is on everybody's lips and robot events are been

    cancelled and you can't go to watch the Footie and have a beer or two or even get too close to a friend .

    What you going to do ? but fiddle with your Robot !.

    So I have been putting it off long enough, because I knew it was going to be a toughie....The Mean back on

    the work bench as a priority project.

    It's been a hard decision but it's virtually going to be a total rebuild but at least I have all the component parts

    to put into it and I know they all work well as a whole.

    Last weekend I built a Chassis and mounted the bearings and wheels from Mean Machine and although

    it resembles something a Kin to Nuts at the moment I feel I have made major progress and know the

    direction I'm headed.

    This weekend I intend to beef up the chassis and fit the drive motors and 8 to 1 ratio reducer, I will add

    some photos when it's looking more pleasant on the eye .

    When it will be seen in competition is probably in the hands of the Government at the present time.

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    More Progress on Mean Machine this weekend, the 8 to 1 ratio reducers are now in place and the

    Cim drive motors are also in position, there will be some slight tweaking needed to align the chains

    but nothing too difficult.

    The distance between the wheels in this new frame is almost double what it was previously and

    the weight is as balanced as a see saw now rather than the 75% front heavy design it was before

    which offered poor traction due to that fact and the small wheel base.

    This is going to be a big Robot-80 cm wide and 120 cm long at this stage but if it turns into

    a Thwack Bot it will be 2 metres long although I'm unsure of the final weapon format for now.

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