Doom and a time when Corona virus is on everybody's lips and robot events are been

cancelled and you can't go to watch the Footie and have a beer or two or even get too close to a friend .

What you going to do ? but fiddle with your Robot !.

So I have been putting it off long enough, because I knew it was going to be a toughie....The Mean back on

the work bench as a priority project.

It's been a hard decision but it's virtually going to be a total rebuild but at least I have all the component parts

to put into it and I know they all work well as a whole.

Last weekend I built a Chassis and mounted the bearings and wheels from Mean Machine and although

it resembles something a Kin to Nuts at the moment I feel I have made major progress and know the

direction I'm headed.

This weekend I intend to beef up the chassis and fit the drive motors and 8 to 1 ratio reducer, I will add

some photos when it's looking more pleasant on the eye .

When it will be seen in competition is probably in the hands of the Government at the present time.