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Thread: Esc clearout and other stuff

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    Got a few things for sale I'm wanting to shift, PM me offers if prices aren't stated. May take a while to get back to people with me being busy most days now but will try to get back asap

    SOLD - TZ85A esc X2 - mild combat usage, visual scarring but run as flawlessly as they did out the box. Excellent brushed escs suitable for basically anything you can fit in a feather, and also wheelchair motors if you're into building Middleweights. Run on up to 6s

    SOLD - BB30 Esc x2 - basically as above, probably about as good as TZ85s all things considered too. Definitely will run drill motors up to 6s, saw usage in my beetleweight at the 2018 championships so they'll also work if you wanna do something weird like that.

    Eric's wheelchair motors X2 £80/pair - I have literally no idea on the specs of these things, they're fairly torquey and reasonably speedy, run really smooth and have attached gearboxes plus v belted pulleys (can happily throw in the wheel side ones of these too for the right offer) but they'll definitely work in a heavy, probably be even better suited in a middleweight though. I ran these on Tz85s in Eric and when they had traction worked great. Also a genuine piece of 1999 robot history too if that floats your boat.

    SOLD 2x Propdrive V2 48-32 motors, 750kv (ish) - used for drive on Hardwired 3 (feather), very fast on a 16:1 gearbox (fit straight into Saturns) and plenty of push to boot. Great for robots that need a boost of power in a small space. Also would work well as smaller spinner motors in featherweights. Or bigger ones in beetles. Used in one event, will get photos on request.

    More to follow once I've finished emptying the shed out.
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    various bits of robot

    offers on these, ideally would prefer to bring to Robonerd than post because postage will need to be covered and that's a lot for these things

    Some of Hatchet 3

    Decent basis for an axe or vertical spinner', all 20mm hdpe. Has seen better days but still someone might find use for it

    original hardwired 2 chassis

    bricky 20mm square, been used as a safety cradle since 2014 but it's absolutely still reasonable enough to make a solid starter chassis. Just add drills.

    Overdrive chassis panels

    Also Random Axe of Kindness, all bits of 4mm hardox and again would be solid on various types of robot really.

    Hardwired 3

    Not really sure I want to sell this but if I get a good enough offer I'd be tempted. All round tank and very nasty spinner, chuck some good brushless motors in for drive and weapon and this would be a very solid machine. Has fittings for Saturns with 42-38 brushless motors but could be made to fit most things. Whole robot is 6mm hardox (20mm hardox disc) and has fought Neon with very little damage afterwards.

    Was planning on revamping the internals before I quit out of the sport, more than happy to share any details.

    More to follow

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    Hardwired 3 sold, Eric motors price listed for £80, want them gone ASAP ideally

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