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Thread: Attaching axles for chain drive?

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    Where possible you should use a single axle for strength and even on my feathers I don't go less a 25mm

    axle for the simple reason if you get flipped 6 feet in the air-your wheels and thus the axle bare the main impact

    upon landing.

    How you fix them and where depends on what you fix them to-if its HDPE body you will use bolts if its metal

    I use welding -it's just easier.

    Put the axle at the point the Robot balances before you add the Whacker or whipper which should add a kg

    or more to the front for easier drive ability.

    I fix the drive sprockets onto the wheels which does require a little skill and use bearings or brass bushes

    to take out any play in the wheels and like Matt said use a nylock nut at the end of the axle shaft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by para1yz3r View Post
    Ok, think I got it mostly sorted now.

    just one last thing, how would you go about attaching the sprocket to the wheel and can anyone reccomend a good place to get appropriate sprockets?
    If your wheels are plastic you will have to bolt the sprocket on and you will need to be very accurate because any

    up and down movement due to misalignment or side ways wobble will cause the chains to come off.

    If the wheels are metal I would weld the sprockets on-its just easier but once again you will need to within mm

    of perfection or the chains come off.

    I tend to buy job lots of lawnmower sprockets off E bay but for a specific chain or sprocket calda morley

    near Ossett will sort you out.

    You wouldn't go wrong with this lot-it's typical of what I tend to buy
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