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Thread: Heavyweight Flipper

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    I am looking to buy a heavyweight flipper.
    low pressure or high pressure i do not have a preference but low would be nice to start with
    front hinged or back hinged i would rather a back hinged but ultimately don’t mind
    If i get the funds i want then ill be looking for something in the price range of under £900
    if anyone knows any up for sale or someone willing to sell at this price ish then please contact me best to contact me on facebook William owen (profile pic is me with meggamouse) or email:

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    Hi Will
    You might want to check to see if Tony smith still has Rusty for sale, it was formally known as ceros and
    appeared in series 7 of Robot Wars-it has a awesome flipper and great history.
    Check out the for sale column for details.

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    Have seen this and is one of my options but a little expensive

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    Hate to be that guy but you'll struggle to find much cheaper.

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    ^^^ I've already been this guy. It looks like a crowdfunding effort too...

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    Yeah you might need a bigger budget for a heavy flipper.

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