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Thread: HW chassis + other bits & bobs for sale

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    Due to a house move, I'm having to downsize my 'to do list'/collection drastically. If anyone is interested in the stuff below, feel free to drop me a PM or give me a buzz on Facebook with an offer.

    If anyone wants multiple items, I'm happy to do a combo discount.

    First off is Bonfire's chassis, *SOLD*

    This is built entirely out of 4mm and 6mm Hardox 450 & 500, professionally cut and MIG welded by Responsive Engineering. The chassis is compact but spacious for most needs, it includes vibration mounts for bolting in whatever drive you prefer. It used Ampflow speed reducers and A28-400's initially but can accommodate other Ampflows, 800w scooter motors, Bosch 750's and so on, even brushless drive if you prefer! (For eg, Immersion's 4x Maytech 6374 and VESC setup fits easily)
    The chassis was only used in two fights and has no damage to armour or welds apart from a couple of cosmetic scratches and scrapes. M8 & M10 threaded bars can also be provided.

    Second off is Bonfire's weapon bulkheads and gearbox bits, *SOLD*

    Designed to slot in and bolt into the chassis above, the bulkheads are cut and welded by Responsive Engineering out of 4mm and 6mm Hardox 450, completely undamaged.
    The gearbox however needs work, hence the low price! Due to the lack of support on the final stage (thin standoffs) one of the shafts warped and jammed everything up. On the plus side, this can be rectified with new shafts and standoffs. The plates are machined by Calum Jones and gears lathed, keyed and welded by Harry Hills. With a decent amount of eblow grease and thought behind it, this whole module would be ideal for an inexpensive hammer setup or restoring for its original purpose.

    Next is Immersion's unused overhead hammer/spinner arm + belts *SOLD*
    This lightweight arm is cut by Responsive Engineering out of 4mm Hardox 450. It was created to house the beastly 500mm diameter disc (see below) and Toro 570kv inrunner (can be adapted to use a Maytech 6374, 5065 or Propdrive 5060 depending on voltage and preference) for Robot Wars Series 11. The arm can be assembled with M6 threaded bars or welded.

    Probably the nicest looking part for sale, Immersion's 5.8kg 10mm x 500mm dia Hardox 500 double tooth disc. *SOLD*
    For an idea of how large this is, it is the same diameter as Aftershock's disc! This disc was designed to use with the above arm for dual purposes depending on how quickly the arm is brought down, hence the 6 small saw teeth and 2 large teeth.
    I'd you'd prefer to use it on a new build, this can be used as a main weapon on a Middleweight, Lightweight or an insane featherweight horizontal.

    To be continued...
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