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Thread: HW chassis + other bits & bobs for sale

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    Due to a house move, I'm having to downsize my 'to do list'/collection drastically. If anyone is interested in the stuff below, feel free to drop me a PM or give me a buzz on Facebook with an offer.

    If anyone wants multiple items, I'm happy to do a combo discount.

    First off is Bonfire's chassis, *SOLD*

    This is built entirely out of 4mm and 6mm Hardox 450 & 500, professionally cut and MIG welded by Responsive Engineering. The chassis is compact but spacious for most needs, it includes vibration mounts for bolting in whatever drive you prefer. It used Ampflow speed reducers and A28-400's initially but can accommodate other Ampflows, 800w scooter motors, Bosch 750's and so on, even brushless drive if you prefer! (For eg, Immersion's 4x Maytech 6374 and VESC setup fits easily)
    The chassis was only used in two fights and has no damage to armour or welds apart from a couple of cosmetic scratches and scrapes. M8 & M10 threaded bars can also be provided.

    Second off is Bonfire's weapon bulkheads and gearbox bits, *SOLD*

    Designed to slot in and bolt into the chassis above, the bulkheads are cut and welded by Responsive Engineering out of 4mm and 6mm Hardox 450, completely undamaged.
    The gearbox however needs work, hence the low price! Due to the lack of support on the final stage (thin standoffs) one of the shafts warped and jammed everything up. On the plus side, this can be rectified with new shafts and standoffs. The plates are machined by Calum Jones and gears lathed, keyed and welded by Harry Hills. With a decent amount of eblow grease and thought behind it, this whole module would be ideal for an inexpensive hammer setup or restoring for its original purpose.

    Next is Immersion's unused overhead hammer/spinner arm + belts *SOLD*
    This lightweight arm is cut by Responsive Engineering out of 4mm Hardox 450. It was created to house the beastly 500mm diameter disc (see below) and Toro 570kv inrunner (can be adapted to use a Maytech 6374, 5065 or Propdrive 5060 depending on voltage and preference) for Robot Wars Series 11. The arm can be assembled with M6 threaded bars or welded.

    Probably the nicest looking part for sale, Immersion's 5.8kg 10mm x 500mm dia Hardox 500 double tooth disc. *SOLD*
    For an idea of how large this is, it is the same diameter as Aftershock's disc! This disc was designed to use with the above arm for dual purposes depending on how quickly the arm is brought down, hence the 6 small saw teeth and 2 large teeth.
    I'd you'd prefer to use it on a new build, this can be used as a main weapon on a Middleweight, Lightweight or an insane featherweight horizontal.

    To be continued...
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    More stuff...

    Bonfire's last resort weapon/vertical spinner module profiles *SOLD*
    3mm, 4mm and 6mm Hardox profiles form this module, it is designed to use either the 500mm bar from Bonfire or the above disc with the TP inrunner should Bonfire's arm gearbox fail. The bulkheads slot 'n' bolt into the chassis with M10 box section (provided with chassis) or welded in. The right hand profile includes mount holes, if you have a different motor in mind to use then an adaptor plate can be used to mount it.

    Bonfire's 8mm Hardox 500 anti horizontal spinner wedge *SOLD*
    Cut, folded, welded and machined by Responsive Engineering, this thick 18kg wedge was designed to protect robot from the nastiest of horizontal spinners as well as preventing the weapon arm from being decapitated. It has 8x mount points machined for M10 countersinks and has an extra 4 towards the lower edge for mounting wedgelets. (These can also be provided)

    Amnesia 2's 4mm Hardox 500 anti Neon/horizontal spinner wedge *SOLD*
    Watercut and folded by K-cut, this light wedge was churned out specifically to use against Ellis Ware's 'Neon' in the 2017 FRA UK Featherweight championships. Only used once, winning the match and deflected Neon very well. Very ideal for full combat machines that need a light solution to counter horizontal spinners.

    All Bonfire/Immersion parts + Amnesia 2's wedge SOLD

    Thanks for looking!
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    Sorry for the late update, all of the above are now sold.

    We have some extra parts to add in here since they were originally used in Bonfire!
    If you are interested in these or have any questions, feel free to comment below or message Andy Russell (or myself if you can't reach him) on here or on Facebook as these are in his hands.

    MGM X2 Series brushless ESC, briefly used. looking for offers around £550
    A very heavy duty piece of kit, famously used by some of the hardest hitting heavyweight spinners from across the pond.

    Specs can be found here:

    TP Brushless Inrunner, used with the ESC above. This is brand new as it was a spare, would be looking for around £280.
    Dust aside, this is a beast of a motor with 15kw peak power, (20 Horsepower!) and great value for what it is. The same motor as was used in Magnetar's drum in S10 of Robot Wars, for a good example of its potential!

    Motor is the 7D wind shown in the spec sheet below.

    Open to offers! Will sell for a reduced price if sold as a combo!
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    Bit of an update!
    In addition to the stuff Andy is selling, we're also selling White Dwarf n stuff on behalf of the owner.
    It is a Panic Attack inspired featherweight machine which has fought at gatherings and RoboDojo with reasonable success, finishing 6th in the latter last year.

    First up, is the chassis, a selection of wedges, lifting forks, linear actuator & 3300mAh 65-130C 6S Turnigy Nano-tech lipo. *SOLD*
    The chassis is reasonably spacious, it is constructed with drilled and tapped 10mm & 20mm 6061 bulkheads, welded 4mm Hardox 450 base/rear and an HDPE lid. The wedges are all 4mm Hardox 450, one pair being hand folded. The forks are 8mm thick Hardox 500 with a 4mm 450 plate joining them and both the lipo and actuator are in flawless working order and pristine condition. The base has mount holes to suit Saturn gearboxes however this can be modified to suit other forms of drive.

    Next we have this unused 100mm diameter 1.4kg modular drum. *SOLD*
    This setup is primarily two 20mm watercut Hardox 450 single tooth discs (with a minor 2nd tooth acting as a counterbalance) with two 6082 hubs, one having a channel for the belt and the other acting as a spacer/bolt retainer. These parts can be moved around so the discs can be between the hubs or as pictured below.

    Used Equals Zero Designs - Ragebridge 2 Brushed ESC. *SOLD* (Normally sold for $199/£154 new + shipping and import fees)Only used in White Dwarf and in full working order, bought directly from Charles Guan (Overhaul). This esc is ideal for featherweights, middleweights and heavyweights, it can be used in dual channel mode for controlling 2x motors (up to 40 amps) independently or in combined mode to control a single more powerful motor (80 amps) between 8-40 volts and The leads in the picture can be removed/swapped to suit the owners needs. (We can also include a used 3D printed case if needed)
    For more information check link:

    Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 500kv 5045 brushless outrunner *SOLD* (Normally sold for £39.44 new from Hobbyking)
    This 1350 watt motor (1.81hp) originally bought to drive the above drum setup in White Wharf but it wasn't used, this motor can be run on 5-7s (18.5 to 26.6 volts) with a 70 amp + esc. This outrunner is ideal for both weapons and drive.
    For more information:

    Used 5000mAh 45C Turnigy Graphene lipo £45 (Normally retails at £89.48 new from Hobbyking)
    Only used in Bonfire during testing, we bought 4 of these to use in This Is Fighting Robots but found out that they exceeded the 100Wh limit for carry on luggage and needed to be replaced. It is in great condition but has some residue from a sticky label (as seen in the picture.)
    For more information:

    4x used 5s 8000mAh 30C Zippy lipos from Bullfrog £60 (Normal RRP £65.97 each from Hobbyking)
    These have been used in the heavyweight flipper, Bullfrog (2 in series, 2 in parallel for 10s 16000mAh) for a number of years, we don't know much about these other than they were sold with the machine and the new owner didn't need them so passed them on to Joel. (hence the low asking price) They are a bit mucky and they have a strip of duct tape as extra protection for the cells on the ends but aside from that, they seem to be in decent condition.

    2x 100mm diameter red castor wheels (unknown manufacturer) £10
    Previously bought from Will Thomas a year or two ago, these wheels were then keyed by Fife Engineering for use on White Dwarf's Saturn drive (12mm shaft w/ 3mm keyway) and proved to be really grippy on the dusty RoboDojo arena floor. These are now unneeded as Joel is switching using much smaller wheels on his new machine.

    If you are interested in any of the above, feel free to get in touch. If you want multiple items then feel free to ask for a discounted deal! Everything can be sent via courier. (UPS or Myhermes)

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    PM Sent

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    All of the above items (minus the drum setup and the chassis) are still availible. If you are interested in any of those, please contact Joel West-Ward either on facebook or via email: joel.west.ward93(at)

    In other news, I have more items for sale!

    First up is a used Equals Zero Designs - Ragebridge 2 Brushed ESC + case *SOLD* (Normally sold for $199/£154 new + shipping and import fees)
    This is in full working order, last used to drive the A28-150 below that powered Immersion's flipper. It is now surplus to requirement as I'm now running a full dual brushless system. The Ragebridge esc is ideal for featherweights, middleweights and heavyweights, it can be used in dual channel mode for controlling 2x motors (up to 40 amps) independently or in combined mode to control a single more powerful motor (80 amps) between 8-40 volts and The leads in the picture can be removed/swapped to suit the owners needs. For more information check link:

    Next up is this Ampflow A28-150 (24v) *SOLD* (Normally sold at £236 excluding VAT from Rapid )
    This motor is popularly used throughout the world for a multitude of tasks ranging from featherweight hammers, middleweight drive and weapons to heavyweight lifters and spinners. This motor in particular being used for Immersion's flipper last year at Grantham and Stevenage. It is a brilliant motor and I've had no issues with it, although i swapped it out for a dual brushless system because the Ampflow shafts did not suit the stack of gearboxes I have.
    For more information check link:

    And lastly (for now!) Origonal Shockwave/Ex Eric Jr's chassis & flipper £50 I beleive this was origonally built by Will Thomas before the Robot Wars Reboot.
    This is passed on to me to test Amnesia's flipper on back in 2016 and it hasnt been touched since. The polycarbinate and aluminium chassis has quite a bit of history behind it, built as a pneumatic flipper and competiting UK championships over the years. Despite its age construction techniques, with small amount of modifcation (and good driving of course!) this can be reused in toughest of competitons.

    The above 3 are in my possession so please feel free to contact me directly on here, facebook or via the Team Immersion page if you are interested.
    Best Regards,
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    Hi Adam, I can't send a PM because your inbox is full - do you still have the old Shockwave chassis available? Many thanks - George

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