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Thread: Beetleweight fuses

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    entering bugglebots and found out i need to use a fuse
    im using a battery with a 5v 3a BEC. What type/rating do i need And would the fuse go before or after the BEC??

    Cheers to anyone that can help

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    it would go before the bec so straight after the battery on the positive side

    7.8.3 Fusing
    A fuse rated below the maximum burst discharge of the battery MUST be fitted. The maximum burst
    discharge current is calculated by multiplying the C rating by the capacity. E.g. 25C 2200mAh = 55 Amp

    45 x 850 = 38.250 so be looking at a 35? or automotive 30 amp blade fuse?

    35 amp blade fuses are available, they seem to be a pink colour from pics on ebay

    Please someone confirm this rating

    Posted the rules from feathers as this includes the formulae for others searching this topic in the forum.
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    Yes, I believe your calculation to be correct.

    I always put the fuse on the positive line as the first thing out from the battery. I use a 850mAh 4S battery and use a 30A (amber) automotive fuse in The Honey Badger 4.0.
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