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Thread: Regicide (Featherweight) Build

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    So this has been in the works for a while.
    I've been working on this build on and off for about 8 months.
    So i'll keep it short. It's a featherweight full pressure flipper.
    37721626_2013155398703438_7029942138687193088_n.jpgflipper assembly pic 2.png
    CAD was first up. Here a picture of the robot without it's armour, base plate, wheels and basically everything but its bulkheads and flipper setup.
    First step was the pneumatics, then came the cutting out the 6 bulkheads (2 for spares), the inside bulkheads and outside bulkheads are similar to look at are but slightly different. here i was test fitting the gearboxes and drilling the holes to hold the chassis together.
    Here's my DIY 20 ton press I made to bend the base to fit the bulkheads.
    Next up was the vents to cover the tanks for the flipper. This way if it gets really badly damaged basicly half the robot can be swapped out within minutes.
    Next up was the flipper arms and the hardox armour. Hardox was super fun to bend . cleaned up it was ready to paint.
    Next was some 3D printing that holds the LED lights. For the top armour the press did a good job and 2 coats of primer and a few coats of white paint made it look ok.
    After painting I decided I wanted the LEDs to change as the fight go on. (not 100% finished this part yet).
    Here is a reveal video of it if you want to have a look

    This with be making it debut at Robo Riots in Dublin.

    I hope you all like it. Oh and don't worry I asked Gabe from the Tanshe team if I could build this and he gave me the green light to build mini Tanshe.

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    Beautiful build!

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    Looks fantastic! As I was reading through this I went through various stages of "Oh that's kind of similar to Tánshè", so the final denouement was a nice twist. :P

    Have you tried the flipper out yet?

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