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Thread: Drive issue

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    Hey all, it's stupid problem time again!

    Yesterday I did the first test drive on a new BW bot. The bot moved in all directions mostly OK, but the screws attaching the motors to the mount were slightly too long, causing the motor to catch occasionally.
    Today I've done a new test after adding washers to the motor mounts & in the process inadvertently bent one of the tabs, causing it to possibly short on the body of the motor, & now one of the motors only turns on one side. I've tried rebinding the whole thing to no avail. Any ideas whether the motor/esc might be damaged & if there's any way to fix it? FYI the motors are 12V 1000rpm & the escs are Botbitz 10A, all brand new.

    Thanks in advance
    Team Phyte

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    Have you tried putting a multimeter to it?

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    Not yet, I'll borrow one from work on Monday. If I get chance tomorrow I'll swap the motors & ESC's around & see what happens.
    Team Phyte

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    OK having swapped the circuitry around & watched one of my ESC's smoke & burn a black hole in the middle in about 3 seconds I suspect I may have found the cause. Not sure how we've managed to burn out an ESC using standard 12 motor & 3s battery but any suggestions are welcome.
    Team Phyte

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