So, after almost giving up last year, here we are. I'm going to create just the one build log rather than keep cluttering up the forum.

I've just finished up a rebuild of the AW Pullover, chall9enging myself to build as neatly as possible. Now, having finished shrink wrapping all the joints, I plug the battery in, insert link/fuse, aaaand, the fuse blew.

I think I'm already way underspecced on the fuse anyway, but I obviously have a short somewhere... great...

NanoTwo V3
Vex29 for grabber
2s 20c 3500mah (I think) LiPo
5A fuse
2 x 1000rpm (alleged) n20's for drive
1 x 60rpm high torque n20 for grabber
25mm tough hub wheels
Main body is recycled high impact plastic, grabber arm is from an offcut (polycarb version as spare) and bottom/rear panel are 1.5mm polycarbonate

I digress, first pic of the new log!