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Thread: Team Pushover: Build Log

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    Also, has anyone repurposed an electric axe mech to use as a flipper? It will give me a better layout for the PushOver regarding removable body panels for access (if my pencil tells the truth anyway). Thanks.
    If it is anything like my mechanisms, I'd put a couple of pins in the gearbox housing and a connecting rod to the flipper arm to make it move. The pins will interfere in the motion of the arm trying to rotate so you'll have a "up" and "down" position on the mechanism.
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    Thanks Lucy, that slightly refined what was already in my head, I couldn’t work out how I was going to limit the travel, was weighing up limit switches and all sorts, food for thought... I just figured that it would be easy to get a fast flipper in the space I want, some of these axes on here are pretty scary looking for a speed and torque standing, so long as it’s based on an ace that will self right we should be good
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    Now then... Stripped my Devo 7e apart to see what the power switch issue was... found 2 of the 3 wires on the back of the switch were loose, no problem, just re-solder and nope... much fiddling later, I found that some of the power switch cover has broken off and was catching in the slot preventing full throw... really!? anyway, a cure is a cure...

    Next item;

    Pullover: Have modified the design slightly to use gears/pulleys etc... to power our front hinged flipper (well, more of a roller at this point) and was tweaking a shock absorber using hooks and springs when I saw CSB2's progress... and a drive belt, it's lighter, simpler and easier, so I may *have* to steal the idea a little.

    This should result in Pullover having more torque for the 'flip', probably more speed than this awful linac, and (more importantly) more reach/swing so it might actually be able to self right!!!

    Ants: Pullover is still disconnecting the power to it's own rx with alarming regularity, the problem seems to be chassis twist and unlucky placement actually pulls the plug a little, currently in process of hand filing some aluminium blocks to thread and make into rear mounts for the new undertray, that should massively improve torsional strength.

    Wej: Still utterly useless and couldn't fight it's way uphill.

    Ridic-U-Loch-Ness Monster: now this is the freak of the bunch, mostly under-wraps for now, but I have a burning question before I can take this build seriously, I've seen a 4-6 legged ant flipper *somewhere*, I am aiming for a similar concept, probably 4 legs at the rear driven by a motor/crank/cam arrangement, but looking at the build rules again, it won't be a walker as there isn't enough degrees of movement, but it also wont be a shuffler as it doesn't rest on its body for the 'recovery period'. The legs will sort of 'scurry' forward with the leading edge riding on the arena floor if that makes sense?

    'Nessie' will be build regardless, however if it doesn't classify as a shuffler it may be of limited performance as the mechanism is likely to be reasonably heavy. If it works I'll post a vid and brag a little.

    Leopold: the 'World's Ugliest Beetleweight' is in bits again, still not happy with the build quality and general fit and finish, you could believe it was made by a fish...

    Current plan is finish Pullover's adjustments, attempt Nessie, finish Pushover's flipper, and then maybe Leopold can get a look in...
    Team Pushover - Definitely worse at this than you are!
    AW - Pullover (Grabber), Wej (er, wedge), Ridic-U-Loch-Ness Monster (Secret)
    BW- Leopold (On Hold)
    FW- Pushover (well, half of it...)

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