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Thread: Team Pushover: Build Log

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    If no luck on the Devo7e, I'll be bringing a second one with me. If you want to use that one, be my guest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Retroman View Post
    Awesome stuff Scarrosaki, really appreciate the offer, obviously i’d Like to get my own working because Pullover is as yet untested, I don’t even know if it works

    Feels good to have a backup though, cheers my guy!
    No worries dude, give me a shout at the event if you need it and we'll see if can get it running. If you've got a bind plug though bring it, as there's a good 70% chance I'll have lost all of mine

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    Awesome, looking forwards to fighting them!

    How's Pullovers weapon working now, iirc last time you were having problems with some horrific lag on it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Retroman View Post
    Pic 2 is the underside of Pullover showing the ridiculous 65x55x25mm space I wanted to cram everything into, because I'm silly.
    Did you use CAD (compression aided design) there?

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