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Thread: Team Pushover: Build Log

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    Team Kaizen

    From a conversation I overheard at Ant Freeze 6, no. The problem is that the receiver used on the NanoTwo is not in stock at the moment. If you contact Rory on here, he might be able to shed some light on that.
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    A quote from Team Nuts's facebook.

    The NanoTwo V3s were forcibly discontinued when the small OrangeRX receivers which they were based around disappeared. Many other DSMX/2 RXs are also being discontinued at the moment, so to avoid all that, the NanoTwo LT is essentially a NanoTwo V2 (which was a cheaper and more reliable design than the V3) with servo leads attached allowing you to use your RX of choice. This should work well for many BBB teams looking to upgrade their kits.

    They will be appearing for sale soon. Since the bulk of the manufacturing has been done already, stock levels should also be more reliable now.
    Team Phyte

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    I'm not on Facebook anymore
    Don't blame you, I'm not on there either. I only saw that by chance as I was looking for info about the next BBB event. Even if you don't need one yet I'd still grab one as soon as you can, each batch sells out within hours & it's usually several months between batches. If I remember I'll leave a message on here next time I notice they're available.
    Team Phyte

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    Glad its kinda of working mate! Fingers crossed its saveable!

    Im re-thinking my orignal idea of making an Ant weight version of Bronco, but this time Im going to have it printed out instead of making it the size and weight of a ugly tank haha

    Bad Wolf

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    So, no update for absolute age, sorry. Team Pushover has been at a standstill over the summer, this being a responsible adult keeps getting in the way.

    Pullover is now on version 4, and I was hoping that at Botfest I could throw it in the arena with everything 100% working (previous 2 versions have all had some pretty serious weapon issues)… but even now it. wont. work. Having replaced the cooked NanoTwo with the latest version and a new receiver, my Devo 7e has decided to spit it's dummy out instead... great...

    Wej the experimental front hinge monstrosity is hiding on a shelf as my building abilities and available materials can't get it below 212g whilst being stable enough to stay in one piece, so it's replacement entry for Botfest will be DerpWej, a hideously ugly and poorly build lump with a monster lifter.

    As the 2 previous events the "Flagship" of the fleet is the better made of the 2, but suffering from electrical gremlins again. and the thrown together heap works beautifully. I'm spotting a pattern.

    Pushover; The team mascot is now more than a box of parts, a 6mm aluminium base with aluminium angle armour supports sits proudly on the work bench, the flipper arm (paddle?) is also present, HDPE sides are cut but undrilled as yet, and the left hand drive motor has seized it's gearbox. So we have an immobile space frame of 6mm alu and 18mm HDPE that looks halfway decent, remember that pattern I was talking about? yeah...

    Pics of Pushover soon once the sides are drilled on mounted.

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