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Thread: Brushless motor help

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    A few weeks ago i bought an antweight disc from drizzlebots for my first spinner:
    Looking at it and some brushless motors, im guessing that screws run through the 9-16mm channels. However im not sure if this is directly from the motor or instead connected to a shaft mounted hub bought elsewhere?

    If anyone can tell me what brushless motor would fit with this disc and also an esc that is compatible i would really appreciate it.


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    Hi Max
    I own the bar that Drizzlebots sell & bought a DYS1806 motor & 12A Afro ESC to go with it. Both weapons have the same 9-16mm channels & I can attach the bar directly to the motor.
    Team Phyte

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    PS Afro ESC's are currently less than 1/2 price at Hobbyking, if you're interested in getting one.
    Team Phyte

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    Yes you can. They are rated at 2-4s, which refers to the cell count of the lipo battery. Each cell is worth 3.7v, so 2s is 7.4v, 3s is 11.1v, 4s is 14.8v etc.
    Team Phyte

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