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Thread: ESC Signal Issue

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    Hey everyone

    I've wired my dual channel FeatherTwo into one of my bots & it doesn't seem to pick up signals from the receiver. As far as I can tell the receiver is working perfectly fine (a brand new Orange RX) as it's light is on constantly but the light in the FeatherTwo is flashing an orange light, which according to the manual means it isn't receiving a signal.

    Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?


    (PS Have already PM'ed Rory but he hasn't been on in a while)
    Team Phyte

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    Theo's Avatar

    Hmm, I'd fetch him on Facebook if you can, but he's been pretty responsive to any of my PMs.

    Are you sure the Rx is binded to the Tx, and have you tried swapping it for another one? That may be something to try in the meantime

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    Thanks for all the feedback. Confession time... As I went to swap in a new receiver, I noticed that the leads were plugged in the wrong way round. I've put them the right way round now & it works fine. Oops.

    Thanks again.
    Team Phyte

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    We did it folks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by typhoon_driver View Post
    We did it folks!
    Yup, well done us!

    Unfortunately not the first time I've kicked up a fuss on here about something stupidly obvious & probably not the last either.
    Team Phyte

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    get a silver sharpie and mark the signal side the RX and the leeds so you can remember silver to silver

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    Not a bad idea.
    Team Phyte

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