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Thread: Team Kaizen Build Diary

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    I'm going to the Dojo this Sunday (12th) & Ian mentioned that they're keeping the arena up over the next few weeks so it's definitely going ahead. If they haven't been it touch it's most likely because they're busy setting up for this one. If anyone wants advance info just shout. (Note you'll need to take personal toiletries & masks/gloves etc for social distancing reasons).

    Go get 'em.
    Team Phyte

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    I'm hoping to get along on the 12th too James and opted to help with putting up of the arena,any idea what

    time on Saturday they will start erecting as I have not heard anything-Maybe its up already?.

    Ian did say he wasn't one for to and fro messaging but I think it's vital to keep

    in touch but I will go along Saturday afternoon if I don't hear anything .
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    Hey Colin

    I was under the impression that the arena was being built tomorrow starting at 2pm. Ian did mention he was getting the units cleared up & ready today so I imagine he hasn't had chance to message you with the details yet.

    See you Sunday
    Team Phyte

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