I think the ESC just isn't suitable for MWs full stop. It is a neat controller but it is too fragile in terms of the components out of the box but the high gearing will definitely not be helping. Adding in the new gearbox will help but it depends on wherever it is working. Luckily, I still have the second ESC with only the coil missing. I can easily add a new one in to last until the relay controller is built. Might make a video for that.

Yeah, I guess I am a bit dedicated :P. Luckily, the next two events are in Grantham (22nd-23rd June) and Bolton (6th-7th July) so I can feasibly drive back and forth to these events for both days, likely 7am ish starts. My wife will also be coming with me to Grantham, hopefully to pilot Azriel.