I finally found the motivation to work on this one again. The chassis has been fiddled with to get the new axe motor ready for installation and as part of that, I've been soldering up a Vex BB controller for it and adding in a coupler from the drive wiring to the weapon. Much to my initial confusion, the Vex doesn't supply its own 5v power to the receiver but some extensions to the drive receiver and a cut middle wire and it works OK now, just need calibration to dial it in.

Otherwise, with all the major soldering work done and chassis work pretty much complete barring some extra underside reinforcement, the next stage is to get the weapons gearbox box built. This, in theory, is a simple affair but as my previous attempts at building axe gearboxes have shown, it'll either work fine or be a slippy slippy mess. At least it drives fine... I think? :P Definitely needs tidying up in there but when the internal space of each side is smaller than a A4 sheet of paper, I think I am doing OK for something in development.


(Yes, those wires running across the centre will be covered).