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Thread: Replacement gears for GLA1800 Linear Actuator

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    So for the first time since KOB UK, I attempted to extend my Gimson GLA1800 linear actuator, only to hear a nasty stripping sound, followed by the sound of the motor spinning, but no movement. Upon closer inspection, it would seem that at some point a bolt within the actuator's gear assembly slipped out, got caught in the large nylon spur gear attached to the worm assembly, and proceeded not only to warp it, but also caused the helilical nylon gear connecting the motor to strip as well. To make matters more inconvenient, it would seem that Gimson no longer make linacs of this type anymore, so unless I can find a replacement Barróg is looking to continue on without weaponry.

    I am ideally looking for two replacement nylon gears, possibly from someone whose own GLA1800 is not in use anymore. Failing that, I'd be content to buying a complete replacement instead if offered. None of the other offerings of linacs fit the same size, weight, and power that allows my weapon to be viable, so anything to get one in the machine again would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'd have a look on ali express. All of the gimson actuators are standard ones bought in from China (as far as I know) so unless the factory has stopped making them, you should be able to get a direct replacement.

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    Thanks for the advice. I've spent the morning searching on Aliexpress searching, and there seems to be plenty of nylon spur gears available. Unfortunately I can't seem to find any replacements for the helical gear, and I'll need to confirm the sizes of the spur gears once I get back home. I've also sent an email to Gimson Robotics asking them what kind of gears they used themselves, and if they had replacements, though I reckon I'll need to wait for the new year before getting a reply.

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    Oh I wasn't meaning the gears. I meant the whole linear actuator unit. You would be unlikely to find the gears as they will likely be made specifically for that actuator.

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    Ah right. Sorry for late reply, notifications for the wanted section are a little busted. I'll take a look on Aliexpress. Can't find the name Gimson popping up, and searching for the 1800N rated load gives nothing either, so I'll keep looking at the mechanisms in similarly rated actuators, unless there is a better way of searching.

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    Gimson won't throw anything up. They are bought from factories in China and a sticker slapped on them. You'd be better to see if there are any identifying marks on the casing.

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    So a quick update on this listing: Today Gimson responded to my emails. They told me they had spares for the actuator and are sending over two replacement nylon gears free of charge! Pictures were provided, and they are a definite match. It looks like I should have full functionality for Robodojo. Thanks again for all the help Gary, I have a feeling these sites will be useful in the future for other parts.

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    Glad you've got it sorted Eoin. Barróg was one of my favorite robots at Insomnia last year, would have been a shame if it'd have to stop competing because of something like this. Don't forget to Loctite those screws when you put it back together

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