It seems that I've built one too many Featherweights over the last two years I've been building; now in to build number four, and this time, something that's not an axe, but something that's going to be entirely a lot more work, but entirely more effective in full combat (I hope!)

Introducing... Sawcerer! This is an overhead saw style bot, notably similar to the US robot MegatRON from which it takes a large influence.

Sawcerer (third evolution) v59 - side.jpg Sawcerer (third evolution) v59 - top.jpg Sawcerer (third evolution) v59.jpg

The chassis of the bot is all new, but I have designed it around recycling parts from the spares boxes of both Broadax and Broadax 2. As a result, its designed around the same 4248-based brushless drive, powered entirely by VESC 4.12 and/or FOCBOX ESCs as I have both to hand. Given how well this drive system worked in Broadax 2, I've taken over the exact same system with the 6:1 MOD1 single-stage gearboxes as well. This time around though will be aiming for 5s for the battery sizing to give the drive some extra kick.

The wheels are 125mm unlike the 80mm ones in both Broadax builds and Battleaxe. I've ordered some 'standard' castors to build around, though eventually, these will be on custom hubs and cast wheels, much like Broadax 2. This will be done after it's working though so as to not give myself too much to do at once to get it rolling.


The weapon is intended to be powered by a spare 5060 I have lying around that was for Broadax, though weighing up swapping that for a sensored 50xx motor given I'm using VESCs, thus I have the option!

Finally, the arm is to be powered by one of the converted-to-brushless Gimson gearboxes that were used for drive in Broadax 1, then into a MOD2 stage to give a total 65:1 ratio. I have however made provision in the internal sizing if I need to swap this out for a P60 or something else later, depending on how well this works.


The wedge design is designed to be interchangeable, but for the initial build will come in one style, the dustpan with forks design. I have however designed the forks to be bolt-in such that I can change the configuration as needed from short to long to none if required.

I will need to have custom pulleys made for the belting from the weapon motor, which sits inside the chassis, onto the arm shaft, then from the arm to the saw shaft, as nothing I could find off-the-shelf will meet exactly what I need here. Essentially I don't want to expose either the arm or weapon motors to the outside to shield from damage. Through the wonders of 3d printing, I have started to make prototypes to check sizing on everything, which I will have to eventually machine for the finished article.


Further parts are arriving shortly, hopefully over the Christmas break it can be fully assembled at least in prototype, ready for next years robot combat season.