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Thread: Brushless motor compatability

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    Hey everybody.

    I know that brushless motors require brushless speed controllers but does the same apply for relay switches?

    Thanks in advance.
    Team Phyte

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    Should have been more specific, sorry! Currently I use a relay switch to control the linear actuator on my lifter. I am considering changing the motor in the actuator to a brushless one in order to make it faster, but I am wondering whether the the relay switch would still be any good.
    Team Phyte

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    I expect the relay switch is a simple on/off.

    This won't work with a brushless motor, they NEED an ESC. Brushless motors have basically had their timing ability (done by the brushes and comm) taken off the motor and put into the programming and sensors of the ESC. As such without a brushless ESC a brushless motor like we use cannot turn.\

    The brushless ESC would presumably be taking the place of the relay.

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    Just as I feared, thanks guys. It's a dual relay switch with +V, 0V for up & down respectively. Here's a link if you're really interested

    If I do decide to change the motor I'll go all in & get an ESC to go with it.
    Team Phyte

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