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Thread: First Build - Featherweight Bar Spinner

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    Looks like this thread is coming along well. I can certainly sympathize with being a newcomer & having the tools drain the budget! Don't worry about the thread, it's fine here.
    Team Phyte

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    Good going! Cutting 1/2" ally on a table saw looks scary.

    Has the design changed much with the move to home-building? I find my designs for robots feature a lot of rectangles, since I have to cut them myself, whereas stuff I design for work gets sent to a machine shop so it's all fillets and funny angles.

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    I've cut through some thinner aluminium with a cheap hole saw. Took a while but worked fine and the saw managed OK. I think I did 3 pieces of 4mm thick sheet which is 1/2" total. That was only a 20 mm hole saw though. The other problem would be accuracy, you probably won't find a 56 mm hole saw and if you do it will probably cut 59 mm holes...

    I guess ideally you would want to use a milling machine and a boring bar to cut a hole that size, if you can get access to one.

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    You would do better to invest in an small angle grinder if you are cutting

    metal out and a variety of blades for slitting/grinding.

    The thing about alluminium is that because its so soft , five minutes with a

    file and the file gets clogged and you spend more time cleaning it

    than filling-better to use a flap disk in a grinder.

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