Got some items for sale and will have more to add over the week.

Pneumatic Ram 1/4BSP 10 Bar rating, 40 mm diameter Bore, 80 mm Stroke, 240 mm over all length and 55 mm wide. Comes with a bracket and hinge pin for mounting. Base for mount not in pic (i will add a Pic soon)
45030860_1318380161638095_3444165112527585280_n.jpg £40

Alien Power system Brushless ESC (Sport 120 Jet)
3-12s LIPO, 120 Amp Rated, Censored and Programmable (with cable included)
44959721_1014827472059072_2506427624138473472_n.jpg £75

4x Hard Plastic Castor wheels, 75 mm diameter, 22 mm wide, 8 mm bore.
45027258_1962231140748194_6266705520812359680_n.jpg £10 for all (£3 each)

1000 RPM 12v DC Motor 75 mm length, 36 mm diameter. 5 mm Shaft diameter.
45024660_1041799229323343_7267508818622283776_n.jpg £5

18v 775 Motor from a old Challenger drill. (Not much info on it Soz) 45 mm Diameter, 90 mm Length.
45015766_188681078729616_1058494638559592448_n.jpg £5

820 Kv 680 w Hobby King Donkey ST4010 Brushless motor With a Hobby King 60 amp SBEC ESC 2-4s LIPO.
(one aluminium foot on the motor has been removed as it was bent)
44971992_2489708567712202_4617612708223647744_n.jpg £22

Prices are negotiable Feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions.