Hello there,

I was just looking through the rules and I'm good on most of it but I just wanted to clarify a couple of things.

Firstly, I have a proper Turnigy charger that can balance charge my LiPo but its currently powered off of a converted PC power supply. This might be a daft question but would this be allowed at an event as its only feeding the 12v to the Aerocell 6 charger I'm using? or would i need to get a purpose made power supply. It is a 550w PC power supply so its not under much load at all. If i need a new one would any of you have any recommendations?

Secondly, I see there needs to be a power LED for when the power is on. Would any of you guys have any recommendations for the best way of doing that? I'm running off of a 6s LiPo you see.

Thanks a lot in advance!