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Thread: Featherweight Horizontal Bar Spinner

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    That sounds like a good idea. There's a heavyweight called Dead Bod which has a horizontal bar for a weapon, but originally started out as just a rambot with a wedge, using the bar as an interchangeable weapon after they got the kinks worked out of the drive. It's definitely a viable strategy. I'm not sure if they have a build diary but they are quite active on the Extreme Robots facebook group if you want to check them out. Good luck to you.

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    I went to RoboGames this year hoping to do the same but it turned out they were middleweights (I mainly went hoping to see Last Rites)!
    Nothing wrong with the Middleweights, they've only just started coming back onto the scene in the UK (though I confess to being a little biased, my "big" robot is a Middleweight). I would have said perhaps looking at Featherweights robots like Neon and in the Beetleweight category Ankle Biter II would be a place to look at for horizontal spinner designs.

    I'll have a think about starting out with something different, if I have time at the weekend I will see if I can design perhaps a lifter that down the road can be converted into a vertical spinner (Can you tell I like kinetic energy weapons?) later down the road when I'm more comfortable with how things work.
    I have to consider a similar premise for my Beetleweight vertical bar spinner for that "just in case" situation.
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    First things first get a simple bot made. Rambots are great starts but Ifou want something with a weapon lifters or axes are a good option as they are simple and can be done cheap

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    I haven't had time to design a whole new robot due to work commitments but I did get some help from my brother to re-design the top and bottom panels to be wider and not very slightly skewed apparently!

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