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Thread: Phycosprout

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    Hello all

    I am trying to track down the original team members for the Phycosprout team.

    They were called the boy sprouts and were Chris and Toby Marsden.

    Does anyone know if they are active on the scene at all ornwhere I might contact them?

    Many thanks.

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    They've been out of it since Series 1, my best advice would be to look on Facebook for the team members

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    I'm not 100% certain but I believe they were somehow connected to one
    of the crew members for series one-sort of making up the numbers and
    the same goes for the mouse with boxing gloves.

    I would add if anyone builds a omnidirectional robot it's a good idea
    to add a marker or light to define which way is forward -I have seen
    so many bashing into things
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