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Thread: Help needed — Quanum BE1806 motor to gearbox

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    Hi everyone!

    I've got a query, and this one is a bit tricky. I have two Quanum BE1806 2300Kv motors for a beetleweight. I've taken note of
    Rory's Beetle Gearbox hack, which is really good, but these motors come with a specific crux. Has anyone had any experience with these motors?

    This is the motor in question: don't let the description fool you — the shaft is actually 3mm! It's 3mm on the flat side but the part that sticks out on the other side is actually 2mm. Is there a way to get a typical hobby motor gearbox onto the motor itself? Should I take out the shaft and put it in the opposite way?

    Let me know what's the best thing to do.
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    It says on the listing that the shaft is 2mm?

    Either way, whatever shaft size you need, you should be able to press out the old one and replace it. Find a friend with a lathe and it will be made a whole lot easier.

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    That's standard for a lot of brushless motors. I have one that has a 10mm shaft going through the center that originally dropped down to 5mm. The 5mm shaft snapped so I replaced it with a 10mm shaft right through.

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