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Thread: Access to Milling Machine near(ish) Kent

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    Hi all,

    Been a long time since I posted here, haven't really had a lot of time for robots recently but trying to get my feather drumbot finished (again).

    Have a couple of parts that need machining on a milling machine, it's all simple stuff and I should be able to do it myself but just don't have access to a machine. If anyone has one they'd be willing to let me use for an afternoon I would be eternally grateful!



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    Check out for a local makerspace as they may have the workshop tools you require, become a member and have access to it when ever you need

    This is Maidstones - about 30 mins drive from tonbridge. Note: i dont know if they do have a mill!

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    Thanks for the suggestion! I was able to get access to one in the end so the robot progress is being made

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