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Thread: Help with Choosing ESC

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    Hi all,
    I have completed a beetleweight and fitted a couple of cheap esc's, they work but the speed reduction when in reverse is awful, also I have to wait a second or two between going from FWD to REV and back again. They are ok for practise but not ideal for the arena. I am running on Lipo 3s with 20c - 30c burst. I have two independent motors for drive and steer. The motors pull about 2-4A unloaded, with a wattage of about 8W.
    Can anyone advise alternative esc's please? I have considered a dual motor esc but they do tend to be quite large and heavy for a beetle. Just to clarify I need reverse, preferably with same speed as FWD.
    Many thanks for reading and any help.

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    Hi Paul,
    They are GoolRC 320A 6-12V Brushed ESC Speed Controller W/2A BEC.

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    I was going to suggest the Vex29 BB controllers at ~£8 but they seem to be out of stock and will be for a while. A lot of beetleweights use 10A reprogrammed Botbitz controllers. Used to be available through Ranglebox in the UK but haven't been in stock for a while. However, you can still get them direct from Botbitz; they come from Australia but the shipping can be quite quick and the service is good.

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    Many thanks Jamie, Paul for your help. After more research I believe my Esc's are difficult to reprogramme. For the cost of the GoolRc Esc's, think I shall invest in a couple of new Botbitz 10Amp controllers as Jamie has suggested.
    Once again many thanks for your help.

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