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Thread: HW drive train complete with wheels.

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    Haha, think I may own those now actually. Did you sell them to Katch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theo View Post
    Why not dabble with middleweights? I noticed you've been quite busy with allsorts in the past few months/year. A middleweight will take up less room, plus you can easily get away with cheapo wheelchair motors and still be really competitive (As 60% of us are doing). If you're interested, we'll have 12 built for a tourney in September, plus another 4 hopefully by Manchester.
    Good luck anyway!
    I'm curious about these 12 middleweights and 4 more to come, who's building them
    Theo? seems like a major undertaking considering they were a neglected weight class
    up to now.

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    Haha, that's where good networking gets you!

    Voodoo - Rambot
    Kaizen - Axe
    Cyclone 360 MW - Fullbody spinner
    Iron Strike - Vertical spinner
    Sweet - Drum spinner
    Backflip - Flipper
    Jackpot - Dustpan
    Audacious - horizontal thwackbot
    Terror Turtle - Spinner
    Croc - Rambot
    Crackers - Drum spinner
    Smash - Drum spinner
    Junkyard Junkie - clamp/lifter
    Unnamed Robot from Team Beast
    Unnamed spinner
    Unnamed bit from Team Hobgoblin

    We've had a few dropouts from Chatham, but these are all the middleweights we have. Some are still being built mind you

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