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Thread: HW drive train complete with wheels.

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    In what kind of timeframe and what powerclass? Bosch750 equivalent, or LEM Power?

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    Got some T64s I might be willing to part with.

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    Why not dabble with middleweights? I noticed you've been quite busy with allsorts in the past few months/year. A middleweight will take up less room, plus you can easily get away with cheapo wheelchair motors and still be really competitive (As 60% of us are doing). If you're interested, we'll have 12 built for a tourney in September, plus another 4 hopefully by Manchester.
    Good luck anyway!

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    They can do Dave. Got some hubs and go kart wheels for them.

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    Used although I'll need to buy new hubs for them as from memory all the ones i have are nackered but we could include that in the price. PM me if you want to make an offer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daveimi View Post
    @ Theo. The middleweight thing sounds tempting. What other sorts of robots have been built? What drive trains are they all using?
    A lot of us are using wheelchair/scooter motors, so although they can be a bit slow, they'll be comparatively decent. As for weapons, we've got a very wide range, from pushers, verts, fullbodies, controlbots, even a dustpan.

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