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Thread: Deathly Hallows - FW - No-IP-Rocs

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    Quote Originally Posted by qbnut View Post
    I have made two axes bots with chains and one with spurs, and I'll say that there's no right or wrong solution - each has advantages and drawbacks. You do have to be more precise with spur gearing and as mentioned above, mounting them into HDPE doesn't really work, you would need more rigid bulkheads to use them.

    On the other matter, go bushings all the way. Whilst bearings work they make maintenance hard, as you have to take the whole thing apart to change or fix. With bushings and a dead shaft it becomes an easier job to just slide things out if you need to fix.
    yes you are right BUT with scooties due to how they do not have face mounting hole ( legit only style cannot be found in UK and importing is not worth it) and with how toqurey they are i would suggest mod 2 min. And thinking about all the scooty axe (sams 4 your one Craig and my 2) they where all chain driven. Admittly I copied Sam set up but it works and works well

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    how heavy is axe head ?

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    Erm yeah that's not gonna much damage. To give you a idea my hammer head is roughly .750 kg Craigs round .4-.5 kg

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    Yes the arm will add energy but adding to the head will add more for the weight cost. Also increasinf the arm length increases power

    Think of a disc. The more mass to the edge (higher MoI) more of the energy is applied to the target. Same idea with axes just less time to build up energy. I got a calculator on my pc I show you later the difference.

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    I understand and agree the greater the mass and further from the pivot the greater the impact.

    Found a nice animated gif here:

    I want it to be able to fight, but I'm willing to compromise for a bit of style over performance.
    First I'll get the motor control sorted then investigate if my idea is viable. Really appreciate your input. If you have a link to a calculator id appreciate it. I know one was posted here before but I can't find it now.

    FYI The reason I was looking at spur gears is the bad experience I had with chains on the drive for Alligrator. Always jumping off.
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