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Thread: HV servo and NanoTwo v3 question.

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    Is the servo plugged straight into the NanoTwo? I'm not fully up to speed with the NanoTwo specs, but if your servo is taking voltage from the battery through the NanoTwo BEC, it will be drawing too much current I'd guess, causing the signal to drop in and out.

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    "Wait.... could I just run the power straight from the battery and use the v3 for signal? Why didn't I think of this yesterday?!" The Servo port on the ESC already works this way on a v3, it simply passes the power lines directly to the servo.

    What servo are you trying to use with it, and what is your battery?

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    I tried using the same servo in my first ant, it's just a very noisy servo (lots of electrical interference). A few people with better electrical knowledge than me tried sorting it out but ended up going with a TGY-EX5252MG with a 5v regulator instead. Shakey can confirm if he visits this thread again.
    I haven't tried other models, but I'm avoiding Corona servos from now on.
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