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Thread: Argos drill motor mounts and other mounts.

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    *************** NEWS ******************

    I have the ability to make these at home although longer delay shipping, I can still make some of these during this time of covid-19.

    Hit me up on the following should you want to connect and chat about robot stuff directly.
    Facebook -
    Telegram, OOTA discord as Roboteernat or on FR here.

    I now am able to offer mounts for
    B&D 12V (18v)
    GUILD drill driver (from argos) (note mount spacing is different)
    and the discontinued ARGOS drills.
    VONHAUS18v 2 speed drills
    Argos CHALLENGER drills with a different mounting spacing.

    mounts now cost £10 a set. Vonhaus with speed locker is a bit extra for the additional locking ring.


    Still in manufacture (Aug2020) Made to order and usually ship within a couple of days.


    Cost is £10 a set for 1 motor. Postage Starts from £2.50 and depends on weight/quantity ordered.

    I can also change dimensions of mounts should your design require it for an additional charge of £1 to modify the design, and additional to cover the additional plastic in your bespoke design.

    Height from centre shaft: 30mm

    Distance of mount holes 52.5mm x 30mm. Press the mounts firmly together to check your spacing measurements. - Note the new GUILD motor mounts have currently a different spacing - please message me for more info.

    Mounting bolts: M5 depth 20mm

    I can also design mounts for other motors, and have done for Bosch motors.
    Have something odd? I can discuss posting the motor to me and I can 3D scan the motor assembly to produce bespoke mounts.

    I also make and sell wheels and hubs to give you a 'screw and drive' setup.

    Just get in contact :-)
    Thank you,

    Note, Mylek drills are 4mm longer than the argos drills, so when designing your spacing to mount the motors, bear this in mind.

    For Argos and Mylek drills currently...
    As a reference, the dimension from shoulder of 3/8 threaded section to the central point of the mount is 37.5mm see attached images.

    dimensions.JPGguild motor.PNGargos-challenge.jpgVonhaus drill.JPG20200203_114006_resized.jpg20200203_113830_resized.jpg
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    As an update, i have now 2 designs of mounting options with using the zink screw inserts for M5 bolts, and another design for Barrel nut or Cross Dowels for M6 mounting screws, see image.

    I can also adjust the heignt from axle centre to base should your design requirements necessitate it.

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    A video of the fitting is on YouTube.

    Or google Argos motor mount YouTube.

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    I ordered 4 sets of these mounts, from order to delivery, just a few days. Thank you Roboteernat.

    I have to say they do their job really well, and are certainly well designed to keep the new*er* Argos drill/gearbox units together and secure. Bye bye to the bodge of holding the motor to the gearbox via some electrical tape!

    I will be ordering more sets of these in the near future.

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    Just to say i have now got back after getting married, so can now accept orders for motor mounts, wheel hubs and wheels combos.

    I will also like to add that i have a design to suit the Black and Decker motors with the 3 screws around the gearbox. These have the same mounting holes as the argos ones, so would be compatible with argos spacings.

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    Please be aware that after 2 years of producing these, i have had to implement a long coming price increase from £7 to £10 a set.

    This is to cover some additional costs for time, as these are professionally made on my personal CNC machine, and the price were kept low to match that of Shakeys previous design he no longer sells.

    My design is superior by far and has now been sold internationally, so thank you.
    The price increase to £10 is still with my workplace subsidising the electricity costs as i do these in my lunch breaks. As a comparison, i costed approximately 100 sets from an external machining company and they quoted £20 a set and that is not including the threaded inserts in the bottom.

    In additional to selling these as mounts, I can offer the following services:

    Pre machined wheels from nylon castor wheels, faced off and drilled to fit...

    Wheel hubs. designed to screw onto a standard drill 3/8 UNF using a helicoil thread. Features 4 M5 bolt holes to fit onto the hubs. The height of these hubs can be adjusted to suit your dimensions should you need a smaller length. Please get in touch.


    Machining of HDPE sheet for your robot desings. Max size 700x800 - note i will need to order materials in after payment has been made for your order as i only stock material i need and for the mounts.

    Machining of aluminium including motor mounts and panels.

    Laser cutting of plastic and wood - not metals.

    If you want assistance or to discuss something which i could assist with, please get in contact.

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    I now have mounts available for
    Mylek 18v,
    Bosch PSR18,
    Bosch PSR12,
    Argos 12v,
    B&D 12v drills.
    Argos Challenger drills (Although these drills are larger and have different spacing)

    Contact me for mounting dimensions, as some are different due to the nature of the shape of the drill housing.
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    Thanks for the kind words, I like to help out if you have any questions.

    I am still making these mounts, this time at home and not on my machine at work so delays are 2 days.
    I'm also making some mounts for the 22mm planetry gearmotors for beetles too, first set were custom ones for someone, but have a standard shape in aluminium and HDPE - could do nylon, but i do not have that sheet in stock

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